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PHP Developer




Full time




These are the things that may distinguish us from other companies:

  • we are not a corporation. We are not a startup either, but we are often compared to one;
  • we work for our clients. This means less flexibility on one hand, but more challenges on the other;
  • our projects are ranging from small (a few weeks, local clients) to large (over a year for international clients);
  • agile practices are applied whenever possible, but we’re not very strict about it;
  • high code quality is one of our key values and we go to great lengths to achieve it.

Our perfect match:

  • programming is a hobby for you, not merely a way to get by;
  • you have your opinion and you are not afraid to share it;
  • feedback culture is important to you;
  • you understand a great team is a best way for you to strive;
  • you are curious about various technologies and you use your own time to improve;
  • you are looking for a long-term engagement with a company you can identify with;
  • in particular, you have a commercial experience with Symfony.

Your future responsibilities:

  • creating efficient, scalable applications in PHP 7 / Symfony3 framework;
  • testing those applications using both unit and functional approach;
  • implementing a layered infrastructure consisting of a relational database, denormalised document database, HTTP cache, load balancers, application servers, cache servers and more;
  • improving our toolbox, working on better communication and overall growth.


This framework pretty much shaped our technology stack. The values it cherishes happen to be our values as well. Test driven development, dependency injection container, modular and decoupled application architecture — all of this tools and more helped us to create better software. Today, even when maintaining a legacy application, we use this experience to reduce the technical debt and make our work a little more pleasurable every day — regardless of the application stack we are forced to work with.

Our culture:

  • we believe in transparent communication and everyone is encouraged to bring their own ideas to the table;
  • we like to work with proactive people, and believe it is the best way to improve the workplace and ourselves;
  • we don’t look at job titles, we are one team with a flat structure;
  • each project has its own interdisciplinary team, and we assume different roles within them;
  • very time we are looking outside of our comfort zone, taking risks and we are not afraid to fail;
  • we are agile. And it’s not only about using scrum for us.


  • we do a lot of Code Review — not just to look for bugs, but to exchange ideas, and learn from each other;
  • from time to time we organise our private hackathons, so we can try out technologies we wouldn’t otherwise have a chance to use;
  • Continuous Delivery pipeline is crucial to the quality of our software. This is the place our tests are ran, static code analysis metrics are stored and of course we like to automate as much stuff as possible;
  • we follow principles such as SOLID, KISS, DRY and other rules well established in the community;
  • we use and make open source software;
  • our technology stack is always changing — we’d like to pick the best tool for the job every time.


There are other perks as well, to name just a few: Yes,  there is a games console. No, there is no dress code. Yes, you can have flexible working hours, there’s medical benefits and other free stuff. You get the gist. To have a better understanding of our culture visit for a writeup by one of our senior developers, or look at our github. Just get in touch if working with us sounds like something you might be interested in, and we can answer all your questions in person!

Even if you don’t feel that you match all of our criteria give it a try anyway — we are much more interested in the developer you can become, and we are sure you will get there with the right conditions.

If your heart beats for digital and you enjoy a challenge, then we look forward to your application. Simply send your documents via this link or call us: +48 533 255 257. You can find more information about how we handle your data in our Data Protection policy


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