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UX Designer




Creative Studio


These are the things that may distinguish us from other companies

Each project has its own interdisciplinary team, and we assume different roles within them. We don’t look at job titles, we are one team with aflat structure. We like to work with proactive people and believe it is the best way toimprove the workplace and ourselves. We are not a corporation – we are not a start-up either, but we are often compared to one. Our projects are ranging from small lasting several weeks, for local clients to large often lasting more than a year, for international clients. We work for our clients – this means less flexibility on one hand, but more challenges on the other. Everyone on the team can influence product management. 


Joining us as a UX Designer means:

  • working with two different teams (projects); 
  • creating mockups, prototypes, and user interfaces; 
  • holding design workshops with clients supported by your system and business analysis;
  • supporting the team from finding Google Analytics and Adobe Analytics valuable and helpful information; 
  • your contribution will be visible at all stages of product development. 


What is important to us: 

  • min. 3 years of commercial experience supported by the example of specific projects (or portfolio to back that up); 
  • very good knowledge of Sketch and Google Analytics; 
  • ability to create diagrams, user paths, and information architecture;
  • ability to present your ideas and projects in front of the team and clients; 
  • good command of spoken and written English (C1 or at least strong B2);
  • making decisions independently and taking responsibility for their tasks and roles in the team. 


 Our perfect match:  

  • you focus on understanding the client’s needs and can adapt the style of work to changing requirements – we have a variety of projects and clients, some of them require a lot of initiative from us; 
  • you want to look at our organization more broadly and help us create tailor – made solutions – you feel good in the role of a solution architect;
  • you understand how things work in the field of business, system analysis, and  IT area; 
  • your strength is product’s thinking; 
  • you like and understand the specifics of digital projects; 
  • you proactively ask for feedback and are not afraid to give one to your colleagues;  
  • you have experience in creating a backlog and functional documentation, and working with PO; 
  • you can analyze and optimize products. 



Other perks go along, but this page would get too long if we listed all of them.

Yes, there is a game console. No, there is no dress code. Yes, you can have flexible working hours, medical benefits, and other free stuff. You get the idea.   

Just contact us if this sounds like something you might be interested in, and we can answer all the questions you might have. Speak soon! 



10 000 – 13 000 zlotych net on B2B contract.

We have also an available employment agreement.



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