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Frontend/UI Developer - team Undefined






About Us

We create digital products – from the discovery and UX, through design and implementation, to maintenance and development. We work in autonomous teams of several people, consisting of specialists from various fields. We are recruiting for a specific team – the Undefined.


About The Undefined team

We strive to be a self-managing team, i.e. to have all the competencies needed to create a product from A to Z in a group of several people. Therefore, it is important for us to have an interdisciplinary approach and openness in order to take different roles, depending on the situation and type of the project.

In communication, we focus primarily on honesty and trust – we are trying to create an atmosphere in which each person feels that they can express themselves and will be treated with respect, and their opinion will be important.


About the project

  • One of the largest e-commerce in Poland.
  • Long-term project road map.
  • Aim at full Scrum.

Our approach to work

In daily work on products for our customers, the following are important to us:

  • professionalism – understood as listening to the client and choosing the best solutions for their needs;
  •  independence;
  •  striving to use agile methodologies.


Our perfect match

We are looking for a person for our team with very good knowledge of HTML/CSS, basic knowledge of Angular framework, and some experience in writing tests.
It would be great if you had experience in any of the following areas:
• code compliant with SEO and a11y standards;
• ability to create libraries of UI components in Angular framework while using Storybook for documentations;
• ability to work with Design System including experience in Atomic Design and Component Driven Development;
• knowledge of CSS methodologies with a focus on BEM, ITCSS, and functional CSS;
• basic knowledge of good practices in UX/UI design with a focus on microinteractions.



There are other perks that go along, but this ad is too narrow to list all of them. No, there is no dress code. Yes, you can have flexible working hours, medical benefits, and other free stuff. You get the idea. The whole team is not young and dynamic, but all of us are adults and that’s how we treat each other.  

You’d better just contact us if this feels like something you might be interested in, and we can answer all your questions in person.  



10 000 – 12 000  zlotych net on B2B contract (with 26 days paid holidays).

We have also an employment agreement available.


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