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PHP Developer - team Undefined





These are the things that may distinguish us from other companies

  • We are not a corporation. We are not a startup either, but we are often compared to one.
  • We work for our clients. This means less flexibility on one hand, but more challenges on the other.
  • Our projects are ranging from small (a few weeks, local clients) to large (over a year for international clients).
  • Agile practices are applied whenever possible, but we’re not very strict about it.
  • High code quality is one of our key values and we go to great lengths to achieve it.

Our perfect match

  • You like and understand digital projects’ nature.
  • You have your opinion and you are not afraid to share it.
  • A feedback culture is important to you.
  • You understand a great team is the best way for you to strive.
  • You like to upgrade your daily and project routines.

Our project

We are about to start a new project in PHP7, Symfony 4 and Kunstmaan (CMS) for a client from construction industry. We will build it from the scratch, from business analysis and creating the backlog to implementation and tests. Our main focus is to deliver code that is as resilient and as easy to maintain as we can make it – we care a lot about understating clients’ business needs and using best practices in our everyday work. 

We are looking for a self-motivated person with programming experience that allows them to solve problems of various complexity. 

If you have experience in some of the following fields and technologies, it will be a plus: 

  • Java; 
  • CMS (Sulu, Kunstmaan, Magnolia); 
  • Docker; 
  • deployment and infrastructure. 

Our culture

  • We believe in transparent communication and everyone is encouraged to bring their own ideas to the table.
  • We like to work with proactive people and believe it is the best way to improve the workplace and ourselves.
  • We don’t look at job titles, we are one team with a flat structure.
  • Each project has its own interdisciplinary team and we assign different roles within it.
  • Every time we look outside our comfort zone, take the risk and we are not afraid to fail.
  • We are agile. And it’s not only about using scrum for us.

How do we work?

  • We make projects from start to finish, from mockups, to designs, to backend and frontend development.
  • We use Scrum. We make retrospectives. We improve.
  • Our client relationships are long lasting.
  • We believe in fair play rules, great teamwork and that every day should be a great adventure in a safe environment.
  • The team hangs out even after hours — for a beer, a barbeque, some board games — we try to be fun to be around.
  • Last but not least, your contribution is more than welcome!


There are other perks that go along, but this ad is too narrow to list all of them. Yes, there is a game console. No, there is no dress code. Yes, you can have flexible working hours, medical benefits and other free stuff. You get the idea? Or better just contact us if this feels something you might be interested in and we can answer all your questions in person.


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