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Digital Marketer






These are the things that may distinguish us from other companies:  

  • We are not a corporation  we are not a start-up either, but we are often compared to one;  
  • We work for our clients. This means less flexibility on one hand, but more challenges on the other; 
  • Our projects are ranging from small to large projects;  
  • Agile practices are applied whenever possible, but we’re not very strict about it;  
  • High quality of created products is one of our key values. We care about idea, design and technology. 


Our perfect match:  

  • You are truly marketing savvy;
  • You understand how things work in this field of business (especially digital); 
  • You have experience in planning and managing various inbound campaigns focused on acquiring new customers (lead generation); 
  • You create different types of content fairly quickly and at ease; 
  • You know what SEO, SEM and ABM stands for and you can’t imagine a day at work without Google Analytics, Google Tag Manager and SemRush;
  • You feel like a fish in the water when it comes to software development environment; you have previously worked in IT company and you use all the good case practices in your assignments; 
  • Your English is advanced, and you can adapt your communication style to different clients; 
  • You like to analyse, dig deep into things and come up with new solutions that are out of the box; 
  • You proactively ask for feedback and are not afraid to give one to your colleagues;   
  • You believe that the best results can be achieved by only by working hand in hand with your team. 


Your future responsibilities:  

  • Planning and managing lead generation campaigns; 
  • Writing and editing content for the owned and paid channels (for instance website, social media, PPC) 
  • Launching landing pages and optimizing their conversion through A/B testing; 
  • Initiating activities that maximize the potential of our website for reaching to valuable leads; 
  • Actively supporting the team in implementing new growth strategies; 
  • Conducting high-quality analyzes of conducted activities for the constant improvement of customer acquisition process.


Our culture:  

  • We believe intransparent communicationand everyone is encouraged to bring their own ideas to the table;  
  • We like to work with proactive people, and believe it is the best way toimprove the workplace and ourselves;  
  • We don’t look at job titles, we are one team with aflat structure;  
  • Each project has its own interdisciplinary team, and we assume different roles within them;  
  • Every time we are lookingoutside of our comfort zone,taking risksand we are not afraid to fail;  
  • We areagile. And it’s not just about using scrum for us.  


How do we  work?  

  • We make projects from start to finish, from mockups, to designs, to backend and frontend development.  
  • We use Scrum. We make retrospectives. We improve.  
  • Our client relationships are long lasting.  
  • We believe in fair play rules, great teamwork and that every day should be a great adventure in a safe environment.  
  • The team hangs out even after hours — for a beer, a barbeque, some board games — we try to be fun to be around.  
  • Last but not least, your contribution is more than welcome!   



There are other perks that go along, but this page would get to long if we listed all of them.  

Yes, there is a game console. No, there is no dress code. Yes, you can have flexible working hours, medical benefits and other free stuff. You get the idea.  

Just contact us if this sounds like something you might be interested in and we can answer all your questions you might have. Speak soon! 


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