Driving increases in audiologist appointments

Challenge: Specsavers were seeing their Audiology brand growth stall at the end of 2017. Specsavers saw digital acquisition as a solution to driving rapid scale and efficient growth.

Objective: Drive an increase in new audiologist appointments from over 55s across the UK.



Solution: SYZYGY built a full funnel integrated digital media approach that covered the digital landscape for hearing loss. By segmenting audience paths and behaviours on the Specsavers website using GA360, SYZYGY could ring fence specific user groups. This devised four categories of users; leads, prospects, opportunists and existing customers. Once devised, we built a personalised media and creative strategy that resulted in the best possible user experience.



Results: In a 4 month period SYZYGY successfully:

  • Increased monthly spend by 68%
  • This brought an 186% increase in appointments
  • And a decrease in CPA of 40%


186% increase in appointments