Smartly connecting experts across the globe

A new global platform uses exclusive content from Deloitte's team of experts, along with smart algorithms to drive connections with new clients. For Deloitte, connecting a client with the right internal specialist is crucial. We worked with them to completely reimagine the role and design of their digital platform to support this goal.

Out went traditional hierarchies and one-size-fits-all experiences.

Instead, the platform's content is intelligently served and linked, giving each customer a truly customised experience.

For Deloitte, it ensures the right connections are made, helping them drive new business enquiries and grow market share.

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Fully responsive and scalable across multiple markets and languages.

The platform is designed to deliver a tailored experience for each and every customer, wherever they are, whatever their device.



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Live in 148 markets and 36 languages, generating leads for Deloitte.