Global digital platform

In a highly competitive and rapidly changing automotive sector, we help Mazda develop digital experiences that build brand reputation, increase sales and improve loyalty. It requires an acute awareness of Mazda and their products, as well as a deep understanding of the behaviors of car buyers and owners.

Digitising the end-to-end automotive journey

From their first moment of research, through ownership to repurchase, we build experiences that align with every step of the automotive journey. And although we are Mazda's long-term global digital partner, we always look forward: working together to innovate in this changing environment, creating new and better digital experiences for Mazda customers.

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Global Platform

At the heart of the digital ecosystem is a robust, scalable, global platform that powers Mazda's sites across 30+ countries and multiple languages, integrating with disparate product sets and CRM systems. The platform plays an ever-increasing role in growing Mazda's record operating revenues, income and profit, helping the brand outperform the market.

Dealer sales app

Dealerships are changing - for the better. The stuffy offices and pushy salesmen are disappearing, replaced with immersive spaces where the physical cars are supported by digital POS experiences. The tablet sales app we developed for Mazda helps explain the features and benefits of the cars, augmenting the traditional car walk-through.



As Mazda’s global digital partner we relish the challenge of delivering compelling services, now and in the future.