Documentary-style content marketing: <br />
**The Mazda Garage** Documentary-style content marketing: <br />
**The Mazda Garage** Documentary-style content marketing: <br />
**The Mazda Garage**

Documentary-style content marketing:
The Mazda Garage

Mazda Germany
Mazda Germany enters new territory:
With Mazda Garage, the carmaker launches its largest ever content marketing campaign on the web. We developed an online series shot in documentary style and implemented in collaboration with Burda Studios, which revolves around the iconic Mazda Cosmo Sport model and is featured on Mazda Germany’s YouTube channel. Our goal is to intensify the relationship with the target group, to go deep on Mazda brand topics and thus to increase familiarity with the brand.

At the center: The legendary Mazda Cosmo Sport

The Internet series shows the restoration of the Mazda classic by the GRIP presenter Det Müller and his Mazda garage team around the mechanic Joseph Rothe. Together with the well-known Swiss racing driver Cyndie Allemann this eventful story even leads us to Japan. The goal is the participation of Allemann in the anniversary edition of the Hamburg-Berlin Classic Rally with the restored Mazda model.

Watch the Mazda Garage Showreel (German only)

Watch the Mazda Garage Showreel (German only)

Owned, paid & earned: Perfectly matched

The start of the networked storytelling format was June 1, 2017. New episodes – a total of 14 – were broadcast weekly online. From May 25, Mazda started teasing the series with trailers, photos of the shoot and the protagonists. Through marketing collaborations, the use of influencers, activation of our own Mazda channels as well as extensive SoMe activities on Facebook and Instagram, we created a cross-media campaign in which everything was perfectly interlinked.

We are proud to launch another innovative marketing tool with Mazda Garage. Content marketing is playing an increasingly important role in our marketing mix.

Dino Damiano Marketing Director Mazda Germany

“If there was ever a campaign with gasoline in the blood, then it’s the one by Mazda as part of the MIIA. A completely coherent example of what is possible when agency and client are pursuing a common goal harmoniously and passionately and never losing sight of their target group.

Their love and loyalty to the Brand Mazda was palpable. The result – an innovative and creative 360 campaign that was rightly rewarded with an award.”

Jeanette Reilly  –  Jury member MIIA and Head of Marketing and Communications / KPMG AG

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Car brand YouTube (D)

Watch the first episode (German only)

Watch the first episode (German only)

The format exceeded all expectations. The Mazda Germany YouTube channel is now one of the largest automotive channels in Germany.

Mazda Germany achieved over 5.2 million views with the series and quickly multiplied the number of YouTube subscribers. With the activities around the Mazda garage over 75 million contacts were achieved. Around 200,000 interactions on social networks also speak for the enthusiasm of new and old Mazda fans.

While the campaign ran, Mazda was crowned the number 1 automotive brand on YouTube in Germany.


Here's to Det, Cyndie and a true legend.


AutoVision, OttoCar Silber
Marketing Intelligence & Innovation Award, MIIA

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