Any experience is the result of human interaction.

Without humans, there is no interaction. Without interaction, there is no experience.

Technology and Data are crucial, but they serve a higher aim.

That aim is to create better experiences.

Our aspiration

We don’t make things to make money. We make money by making better things.

What we do is not an end in itself. We aim to create things that matter.


With a team of 600 people across 8 global locations, we plan, design, build, and activate experiences that matter to people and grow businesses.

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For humans, by humans – people are at the heart of everything we do.

That’s why every experience we create is underpinned a simple goal: experiences that bring the greatest happiness for the greatest number of people – our team, clients and the people who use our products and services.

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Our global management team

By row, front to back, left to right

Felix Schröder, Ita Murphy, Jan Bach, Reza Malek, Frank Ladner, Lars Lehne, Erwin Greiner, Dr. Sascha Mahlke, Ron Hofer, Phil Stelter, Dr. Paul Marsden, Florian Schmitt, Dr. Sepita Ansari Pir Seraei, Alexander Kiock, Piotr Jaworowski